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UA System Scholars Institute, day 1, May 13, 2019 (Michael Mercier/UAH).

“Ambitious and comprehensive reforms are rare for good reason — they are risky and difficult to implement. But they also offer the possibility of transformative improvement. Our frustration with the progress of reform in community colleges is not because skilled and dedicated people have not tried; rather, the reforms themselves have been self-limiting…

This need not be so. Bold, large-scale reforms can improve institutions across the higher education system so that no matter where our neediest students enroll, they are ensured the best possible chance of success. – Thomas Bailey

I’m Sasha Thackaberry – an educational leader and advocate for the transformation of higher education leveraging innovative technology-based learning models.  My current position is Vice Provost for Digital and Continuing Education at Louisiana State University.

Most systems need both incremental and revolutionary transformation.  The higher educational system in the US needs a dramatic realignment to meet the rapidly changing needs of an informed citizenry and an effective and innovative workforce.  This change also means dramatic alterations in assumptions.

Instead of being held captive with “This is the way it is done,” I want to help facilitate the discussion of how “This is the way we could do it better together.”

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