Speaking & Presentations

I love “getting my geek on” and sharing elements of the field with as many folks who are interested or would listen.  I present on a variety of topics, including:

  • Growing online programs from marketing through graduation
  • Financial modeling for online learning
  • Different models of online programs across institutions
  • Newer ed tech models & implications for higher ed
  • Transforming Instructional Design to Learning Experience Design
  • Creating systems and processes – project management for growth
  • Building teams and creating a culture of innovation

Find some examples below.  If you’re interested in having me as a speaker at your conference or event, please find my rate card below.  

Presentations Examples

(Keep in mind, edtech moves fast, so some of the information in the videos is now historical!)

The New Normal:  How Education can Thrive in a Digital World


UPCEA’s SOLA+R – Scaling Online at Publics

Quality Matters Eastern Conference Keynote

State Public Institutions Online (Slides Only)

The Change Imperative Panel



Virtual Presentation for WCET on #Edtech Trends 2018

On Tri-C’s Dev Ed MOOC in Pre-Algebra

Other recent presentations not posted on this blog include:

  • Emancipating Learning: MOOC Panel (OpenEd13, virtually with Jarl Jonas, CourseSites)

  • Tri-C’s MOOC for the Achieving the Dream Leader College Webinar Series, with Dr. Belinda Miles, Provost/EVP, Cuyahoga Community College (October 2013)

Rate Card for Speaking Engagements

Additional Previous Presentations

Thackaberry, A. S. (2021, February 12).  General Session:  Humanizing education no matter the delivery.  Transforming the Teaching and Learning Environment 2021.  Virtual.

Crowfoot, D., Eborn, R., LaBelle, C., & Thackaberry, A. S. (2021, February 3).  General Session:  Scaling online at publics – what works and what might not.  UPCEA SOLA+R Conference.  Virtual. 

Eborn, R. & Thackaberry, A. S. (2020, November 9).  Breakout session:  Humanizing Education No Matter the Delivery.  WCET Annual Meeting Seminar Series.  Virtual.

Nagappan, R., Schejbal, D. & Thackaberry, A. S. (2020, May 13).  Panel:  Differentiating Online from Remote Education.  Evolllution.  Web-based virtual panel.

Thackaberry, A. S. (2020, April 24). Keynote: Expanding impact by reimagining pathways in work, career, and Live.   Quality Matters East Regional Conference.  Transferred to virtual.

Dysart, S., Lawrence, M., Silberman, E., Thackaberry, A. S. & Torma, R. (2020, February 5).  Panel:  Online Non-Credit Program Development Do’s and Don’ts.  SOLA+R Conference.  New Orleans, LA.

Thackaberry, A. S. (2019, October 13).   Keynote: Redesigning higher education for the digital student.   UPCEA South Region Conference.  Orlando, FL.

Thackaberry, A. S. (2019, May 13). Keynote: Redesigning higher education with the digital student first.  University of Alabama Scholars Institute. Huntsville, Alabama.

Thackaberry, A. S. (2019, May 13). To innovate for students, innovate at home.  University of Alabama Scholars Institute. Huntsville, Alabama.

Hobson, S., Jona, K., Novac, R., & Thackaberry, S. (2019, March 29).  Building for success and the new innovation imperative.  2019 UPCEA Annual Conference, Seattle, Washington.

Siegenthaller, K. (Guest presenter – Thackaberry, A. S.). (2019, March 27). UPCEA online leadership roundtable.  2019 UPCEA Annual Conference, Seattle, Washington.

Thackaberry, A. S., Horn, M., Laiten, A., & Davis, V. (2018, January 18). Issues and trends in edtech in 2018 WCET [Video]. Retrieved from https://wcet.wiche.edu/events/webcasts/issues-and-trends-edtech-2018

Thackaberry, A. S. (2016, October).  Leaning in with effective social media use.  New Hampshire Women in Higher Education Leadership.  Colby-Sawyer College. 

Thackaberry, A. S., & Fournier, R. (2016, July).  Intentional evolution:  Supporting your next gen learning ecosystem.  Blackboard World.  Las Vegas, Nevada.  Retrieved from:  http://bbworld.com/session/intentional-evolution-toward-your-next-gen-learning-ecosystem/

Thackaberry, S., & Dowden, L. (2015, November). Strategic innovation: Working through the strategy and the skeptics. WCET Annual Meeting. Symposium conducted at WCET, Denver, Colorado. Retrieved from http://wcetconference.wiche.edu/sessions/strategic-innovation-working-through-strategy-and-skeptics

Thackaberry, S. (2015, October). LMS transitions: Lessons from a culturally inclusive and transparent change effort. Learning platforms and services showcase. Symposium conducted at California State University System. Retrieved from http://csulps.com/2015/08/29/alexandra-thackaberry-district-director-elearning-technologies-in-the-office-of-elearning-and-innovation/

Thackaberry, S., Butler, B., Drekmeier, K., Newcomb, A., Tilghman, C., & Wheeler, M. (n.d.). Technology to optimize human interaction. WCET Annual Meeting. Denver, Colorado. Retrieved from http://wcetconference.wiche.edu/sessions/technology-optimize-human-interaction-how-adaptive-multi-channel

Thackaberry, A. (2015, May). ePortfolios for assessment and measurement. Ohio QM Consortium Annual Members Meeting. Symposium conducted at Quality Matters, Columbus, Ohio.

Thackaberry, S. (2014, September). Blended and online program development. Educause 2014. Symposium conducted at full-day pre-conference session at Educause’s National Conference, Orlando, Florida.

Thackaberry, S. (2014, September). Pre-Algebra MOOC for college readiness. Symposium conducted at MOOC Workshop 2014, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Thackaberry, S., & Deil-Amen, R. (2014, July). Can social media use improve student success outcomes. Learning summit 2014. Symposium conducted at League for Innovation in the Community College.

Thackaberry, S. (2013, October). How to gamify your estudent services. Educause 2013. Symposium conducted at Educause’s National Conference, Orlando, Florida., Anaheim, California.

Jonas, J., & Thackaberry, S. (2013, November). Emancipating learning: MOOC panel.  OpenEd13. Symposium conducted at Open Education Conference, Park City, Utah.

Thackaberry, A. S. (2014, January). Gamification for student success: What faculty and higher education administrators need to know. Ohio Association of Student Affairs Professionals, Columbus, Ohio.

Thackaberry, A. S., & Nestor, M. (2013, November). Community colleges can MOO…C too. Symposium conducted at Blackboard’s Never Stop Learning Tour, Cleveland, Ohio.

Thackaberry, A. S., & Miles, B. (2013, October). Tri-C’s MOOC. Achieving the Dream Leader College. Symposium conducted at ATD Webinar Series, Virtual.

Jones, P., & Thackaberry, A. S. (2012, November). Quality out of the gate: Preparing for success with innovative templates and tools. Quality Matters 2012 National Conference. Symposium conducted at Quality Matters, Phoenix, Arizona.

Thackaberry, A. S. (2012, January). Designing Moodle mania: Making Moodle courses intuitive and effective. Professional Development Webinar Series. Symposium conducted at Instructional Technology Council.

Thackaberry, A. S. (2011, November). Staying sane while creating courses by committee.  Ohio QM Consortium Annual Members Meeting. Symposium conducted at Quality Matters, Columbus, Ohio.

Thackaberry, A. S. (2010, January). Designing success online: How instructional design is key to student achievement in online environments. WVIZ Moodle Conference. Symposium conducted at WVIZ/PBS EdTech Agency, Cleveland, Ohio.

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Dying to check out some fantastic slideshares?  That’s what I thought! Find previous presentation materials below.

MOOCs:  Back to Reality, Oops There Goes Gravity

Intro to MOOCs at Tri-C

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