Introduction: Welcome and a Brief History of Distance Learning

Bowl of mashed potatoes with heading reading Do you need a packaged solution or is a mash-up of Web 2.0 tools OK?Welcome to our course!  This is our first Topic.  Get started by learning about and creating your basic ePortfolio.  Keep in mind you will be working on this ePortfolio through the duration of the course, so it doesn’t have to be perfect by end of this Topic!

So, of course I’d like to start with a little eLearning humor (see left).  You guessed it, we’re doing the mash-up version.  And, if you have no idea what a mash-up is – find the collaborative definition here.  It is pretty much what you would think – remixing diverse elements together to create a new whole.

This first Topic has these content sections.

  1. ePortfolios for the Higher Education Administrator
  2. A Brief History of Distance Learning
  3. History of Distance Learning in Pictures