Bowl of mashed potatoes with heading reading Do you need a packaged solution or is a mash-up of Web 2.0 tools OK?Welcome to our course!  This is our first level.  Get started by learning about and creating your basic ePortfolio.  Keep in mind you will be working on this ePortfolio through the duration of the course, so it doesn’t have to be perfect by end of Week 1!

So, of course I’d like to start with a little eLearning humor (see left).  You guessed it, we’re doing the mash-up version.  And, if you have no idea what a mash-up is – find the collaborative definition here.  It is pretty much what you would think – remixing diverse elements together to create a new whole.

You’ll also be creating an eLearning glossary as you go.  Mental note – mash-up should be in there:)

GPS Icon denoting course and module-level objectivesCOURSE-LEVEL OBJECTIVE:  

1.) Create a professional ePortfolio to house and demonstrate knowledge of eLearning-related topics.

GPS Icon denoting course and module-level objectivesMODULE-LEVEL OBJECTIVE:  

3c.)  Restate definitions of common eLearning terms.

Why did you need to read those?  They’ll direct your attention throughout the module, and provide you with – in measurable language – what you need to be able to do to be successful.

Clipboard denoting to do list for the lessonFor this level, you will be completing the following activities:

  • Introduce yourself on the appropriate discussion forum for Introductions.
  • Participate in the lesson:  ePortfolio for the Higher Education Administrator
  • Take notes from the lesson in your Reflection and Participation Journal.
  • Complete draft:  Use the resources in “ePortfolio Tools” to create a basic ePortfolio shell.  Submit the link to your ePortfolio shell in the Journal.
  • Start:  Begin a personal eLearning glossary.

Icon denoting discussion board activityBefore we get started, introduce yourself on the discussion forums.  Include a photo and a little bit about yourself.  What is your professional passion?  Why are you taking this course?  How do you feel about online learning?  Also, be sure to add a profile picture of yourself to your profile (Blackboard calls this an “Avatar”.)  To do this, click on your name in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, click on the word “Settings” > “Personal Information” > “Personalize My Settings” and then browse for and upload a pic of yourself.  (This is *required*.)

If for some reason you don’t feel comfortable sharing an actual photo of yourself, pic a different avatar.  It cannot be your pet:) – Sasha

Open icon indicating opening a moduleStart here with ePortfolio for the Higher Education Administrator.