LMS Analysis

Beginning in Spring 2014, Cuyahoga Community College undertook an effort to review and analyze their LMS to find the best fit LMS for the college.  As project lead, I used some specific strategies in structuring the project for success.  Find information and presentations below.

Description of the project:

Working effectively on a change initiative in a strong shared governance environment requires successful collaboration with faculty leaders. This presentation will focus on the process of an LMS Review that was conducted at Cuyahoga Community College, with a College-wide Taskforce of full-time and adjunct faculty, administrative leadership and representatives from all stakeholder groups. The project management style of distributed ownership and short-term sprints led to genuine buy-in from all parties, with a successful conclusion. The LMS Review was purposefully transparent, with all components posted publicly on a blog including meeting minutes, needs analysis, evaluation of systems, and the internal education process for the group regarding LMS trends. The project incorporated educational opportunities and incentives internally, with the use of digital badging and recognition of exemplary work throughout the process.

Presentation sharing the process:

Padlet of curated resources:

Padlet screenshot for LMS Review