Next Gen Learning

Distance learning modalities are expanding educational opportunities to students of all ages all over the world.  The internet’s voice in education has been a democratizing influence – a new means of opportunity for students in all walks of life.  American’s higher educational system – already possibly the most porous in the world – now has even more avenues in which students can educate themselves.

The resources here focus on how electronic connectivity is radically changing the educational landscape.  Not fast enough or radically enough for me, but I think one of the central challenges is that education is trying to tack technology right on top of what it does, instead of re-envisioning the whole system.  Which, frankly, needs to be re-envisioned pretty badly.

Visual snapshot of Blendspace curated collection on elearning 3.0

This is the video recap of the NMC Horizon 2015 Report, co-produced by Educause’s ELI:

This compelling video was first showed at Educause 2013.  A creative look at where we are in education, and where we should be going:

Love Salman Khan yet?  You will!  His passion for learning via video and flipping the classroom is inspirational.  Check it out:

Next Generation Learning isn’t exactly the same thing as eLearning 2.0, but they’re related.  Check out this board on eLearning 2.0:

Interested in specific models?  Check out the pages below:

Interested in cutting-edge fun stuff?  Check out this Slideshare on the Internet of Things:

Great infographic “cheat sheet” on Next Gen Learning Models – so cool.  Made by the folks at Boundless.  Found and accessed via Wired Academic.




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