Competency-Based Education

Are you hearing the buzz about CBE more and more? It’s actually nothing “new” – some trailblazing higher education institutions have been doing this for years.  But it’s garnered quite a bit more attention in the last few years, partially because we now have the technology to do it and track it much better, and partially because of demographic changes in what an “average” college student looks like, the need to complete students – hence the emphasis on shortening time to degree completion, the focus on partnering with employers to build specific skill sets, and the general “unbundling 2.0” that higher education is going through.

Check out this narrated presentation (or the Slideshare below) for more info:

Want the “short” version?  Check out the snapshot below.  You can also download your own copy from Google Drive HERE.



This pintrest board has some additional links on CBE:


This video, from Western Governors University, also explains some basics of CBE:


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