Learning is now as on-the-go as you are!  mLearning is very different than it was a few years ago.  In fact, it’s not really even a separate thing in learning (and the presentation I created below 2 years ago now seems dated!)  Mobile is non-optional anymore.  It’s all over, the fat lady has sung, it’s been done.  

There are a TON of resources out there for Mobile Learning, but I’d like to share a few that seem pretty nifty.  

I’ve also created a diigo list for  Mobile Learning in Higher Education that houses mobile-learning based resources.
Crash Course in mLearning
And, because I seem to be addicted to infographics lately, here’s a pretty decent one on why mLearning is so critical in education:
mLearning infographic
A Cool Presentation on mLearning and the New On-Demand Customized Experience Focus

 Polling Tools

Interested in free polling tools for real-time feedback?  Check out these options:

Poll Anywhere:  A standard.  Find a blog post about it here:

Teacher Tools:  A listing of free tools for teachers, including polls and online bulletin boards.

Socrative:  An online poll service with quizzes included.

KwikSurveys:  One of the best.  No limit on the number of questions or users.

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