Gamification for Student Success: What College Administrators and Faculty Need to Know

This presentation took place at the OCPA/OASPA Annual Ohio Conference in Columbus, Ohio on January 19 & 30.

The material and related engagement pieces are hosted on an interactive eLearning 2.0 platform called

Objectives for the session were:

  1. Explore the theory and research behind the effectiveness of game mechanics for learning
  2. Describe how game mechanics can be leveraged to motivate specific student behaviors to enhance student success in higher education
  3. Articulate why an understanding of this trend is important for higher education faculty and administrators
  4. Brainstorm how gamification might be used in participants’ institutions focusing on practical application

Find the presentation HERE, or by clicking on the mockingjay below.


Looking for real-world evidence of gamification?  Look no further!

Infographic on business benefits of gamification

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