Advertisement stating Become a Nurse via correspondance courses.Welcome to A Brief History of Distance Learning.  Please read the below objectives.  Your mission is to “walk” out of this course being able to drop into casual conversations at dinner parties random facts about distance learning as though they were a second nature.  Also, all of the assessments you will be completing (for this module that includes a multimedia presentation and a blog post) should be “ePortfolio worthy” as you will be housing them there.  Why bother doing an assignment for one purpose when you can do it for two?

GPS Icon denoting course and module-level objectivesCOURSE-LEVEL OBJECTIVE: 

Create a presentation synthesizing the historical basis and current status of distance learning.


  • Summarize the major developments in distance learning over the last two centuries.
  • Articulate the relationship between technology adoption, disruptive innovation, and the expansion of online learning.
  • Evaluate the historical benefits and challenges of online learning.

Why did you need to read those?  They’ll direct your attention throughout the module, and provide you with – in measurable language – what you need to be able to do to be successful.

Clipboard denoting to do list for the lessonYOUR ACTIVITIES

For this lesson, you will be completing the following activities:

  • Participate in the lesson:  The History of Distance Learning
  • Participate in the lesson:  Technology Adoption, Disruptive Innovation, and the Expansion of Online Learning
  • Take notes on both lessons in your Reflection and Participation Journal.
  • Complete:  Multimedia Presentation on the History of Distance Learning
  • Complete:  Blog Post on Relationship Between Technology Adoption, Disruptive Innovation, and the Expansion of Online Learning

Tree icon denoting reflection journalTake notes in your Reflection and Participation Journal on each of the Learning Modules in this Level.  Be sure to take notes on content as well as your thoughts and application of that content.

Play icon indicating proceed to next pageNow let’s check out an Intro:  A Brief History of Distance Learning