Big Data and Analytics

Big data and analytics are both “hot topics” in higher education.  Despite that, their implementation across institutions is uneven at best.  As you read the articles below and take notes on them, be sure to notice the relatively “Wild Wild West” potential of this new frontier.  After the below infographic, which reviews some of the potential of learning analytics, you will find a text only version.  You will find links to the two articles you will be reading after the infographic and text-only version below.


The Promise of Learning Analytics Infographic

At The Promise of Learning Analytics Infographic you will review the road to more differentiated and personalized education.

The Road To More Differentiated and Personalize Education

  1. Traditional Education
    In traditional education a class with student is on the way to finish line at about the same pace and using the same route. For some this is too fast, while for other this is too slow.
  2. Personalized Education
    In personalized education students work in their own way and at their own pace with the teaching material.
  3. Learning Analytics Can Help
    The measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of information about students and their environment is called Learning Analytics. The objective of Learning Analytics is to optimize the learning process.
  4. Learning Analytics Cycle
    Learning Analytics is a cyclical process in which students generate data. This data is first analyzed, then an intervention takes place based on that analysis and after which the process repeats itself.
  5. Four Levers of Analytics
    The different types of analytics (descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive) determine the degree of human input that is required to make the right decisions. This does not mean that the teacher is no longer needed, but rather that they can spend their time on guidance, coaching and supporting learning itself.
  6. The Teacher’s Role
    By using the possibilities of Learning Analytics in a smart way, teachers have more time to coach students and guide them individually.
  7. What’s Next…?
    The possibilities of Learning Analytics are promising. It can play an important role in providing support when offering differentiated and personalized education.

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Book icon denoting reading activityFirst, read pages 1-6 in this report by Educause – The Analytics Landscape in Higher Education.

Book icon denoting reading activityThen, read this short article about one expert’s prediction of how analytics will be used in the coming year, Big Data’s Coming of Age in Higher Education.

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