Essential Quality Standards 2.0 from eCampus Alberta

eCampusAlberta logoThe Essential Quality Standards 2.0 from eCampusAlberta in Canada can be found online with an interactive scoring tool, literature review, and other supporting documents (eCampusAlberta, 2013).  Version 2.0 was published in 2013 and contains seven categories including (1) Course Information Standards, (2) Organization Standards, (3) Pedagogy Standards, (4) Writing Standards, (5) Resource Standards, (6) Web Design Standards, and (7) Technology Standards.  Interestingly, this rubric (which does provide descriptors for each of three levels of achievement labeled Essential, Excellent, and Exemplary.  These standards incorporate course design elements with some Universal Design for Learning (UDL) elements, along with some student/institutional support elements.

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