Project: Instructional Design & Development Part I

Now you will be completing the first have of your Instructional Design and Development Presentation.  Post your Instructional Design and Development Presentation (the first half of it) to get feedback and suggestions.  Comment in detail on at least one of your peers’ posts.  Be deep.  Don’t say “it’s great.”  Say what works, what was confusing, what you’d suggest for improvements, etc.

Project Information

Cpenreate a multimedia presentation, using the tool of your choice, that demonstrates your knowledge of:  the purpose of instructional design, ADDIE & Backwards Design (Understanding by Design), Quality Matters, accessibility principle, information about rubrics/assessment in online education and  an explanation of OER.  You will not formally submit this presentation until next week, however doing half of it now will keep you on track and allow you to get feedback from your peers.

Find full instructions and the associated rubric here: