Instructional Design & Development – Part II

Sign not in use by the side of the road“IF INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNERS RAN THE WORLD…. Signs would be written and rewritten until they were the epitome of perfection. Road signs would never confuse the reader nor have multiple meanings. Signs like the one below would be immediately removed.”  (From Connie Malamed, the eLearning Coach:

But wait, there’s more! This module will help you understand basic accessibility principles in online environments as well as Open Educational Resources.  You’ll be continuing to work on your presentation on instructional design and development, which is due at the conclusion of this module.
GPS Icon denoting course and module-level objectivesCOURSE-LEVEL OBJECTIVE:

2)   Design a learning object that synthesizes the major competencies in instructional design & development in eLearning environments.


  • 2d.)  Explore the use of development tools in a variety of multimedia formats.
  • 2e.)  Explain the major tenants of Open Educational Resources.
  • 2f.)  Articulate accessibility principles through a quality review.
  • 3c.)  Restate definitions of common eLearning terms

Clipboard denoting to do list for the lessonFor this level, you will be completing the following activities:

  • Engage in the Learning Module:  Accessibility in eLearning Environments
  • Watch the videos and read the articles in the curation on Open Educational Resources (OER)
  • Engage in the Learning Module:  Development Tools
  • Take notes in your Reflection and Participation Journal along the way
  • Share on the Discussion Forum:  Reflect – How is it going for you?
  • Submit: Presentation on Instructional Design and Development

Tree icon denoting reflection journalAs you go through these Learning Modules, be sure to take notes and check on your own progress.  As a reminder, your Reflection and Participation Journal should include two main components:  1) actual notes from the learning resources, and 2) your comments and reflections on that content and how it relates to you.

Open icon indicating opening a moduleAccessibility in eLearning Environments

Open icon indicating opening a moduleOpen Educational Resources

Open icon indicating opening a moduleDevelopment Tools