New Learning Models

MOOCs and gamification and competency-based learning oh-my.  What do all these new, technology-leveraged models mean in higher education?  How does this relate back to our discussion of disruptive innovation and adoption curves from our first discussions on the development of online offerings?  First of all, nobody knows!  Which is a great opportunity for us to explore and figure out how we might be using them in the future.

GPS Icon denoting course and module-level objectivesCOURSE-LEVEL OBJECTIVE 6: 
6) Predict the implications for one new learning model in a specific field or course of study within higher education.

6a).Explore multiple new, online-leveraged learning models.
6b).Describe a wide range of new learning models and disruptive innovations in higher education.

Clipboard denoting to do list for the lesson  For this lesson, you will be completing the following activities:

  • Participate in Activity:  On Next Generation Learning (aka eLearning 3.0 aka New Learning Models)
  • Take notes in your Reflection Journal as you go.
  • Write:  A blog post on New Learning Models.
  • Share:  The link to your blog post on the discussion forum.
  • Comment:  On the blog post of at least one fellow learner.
  • Score: Your own blog post using the rubric.  Submit that as an assignment.

This curated collection uses a visually engaging tool called Blendspace.  The collection includes resources on Next Generation Learning/New Learning Models.

This activity will prepare you for writing your blog post for this module.

Tree icon denoting reflection journalAs you complete this activity, be sure to take notes and comments to put in your reflection journal.

  1. Watch or read all of the resources in the curated collection here:
  2. Create a free account at Tes Teach:
  3. Comment on each of the resources with a significant observation from the belly of the resource (i.e. not from the intro – I want you to dig into the content and fully process it before you comment.  This part of the activity is conducted right in Tes Teach – all of it.  You will be able to see the comments of previous learners.)

Link to Tes lesson on new learning models

Note:  The quality of the projects for the course (and the achievement of XP) seems to be directly correlated with the quality of the engagement with the content.  So be sure that you read and take notes before commenting. 

Stop Icon This is the end of Level 7!  It looks strange, because most of the resources for this level are right in the curated Tes lesson.  Go back to the course site for your next steps! – Sasha