Guide to Everything eLearning Update – July 3


Video Update July 3, 2014

  1. Nice work thus far.
  2. Don’t forget about the ePortfolios – particularly as they were so traumatic to create!  Add every week.  Reference the rubric.  Start putting your other content on it.  Stalk your own site.
  3. Remember to add terms to your eLearning Glossary as you go.
  4. eLearning Infrastructure and Architecture is next week.  We’ll cover hosting – the mythic “cloud” – and how systems integrate.  Your ePortfolio “lives” on the physical servers of whatever service owns it, but more about that next week.
  5. I’ll be issuing Credly badges when you reach competency achievement levels on each topic.  So if you want those badges to display on your site or anywhere else, create an account at and I’ll send you badge codes to collect as you achieve them.
  6. Have a great 4th.  Our country has one of the most porous and accessible educational systems in the world.
  7. I’ll be online, so always email me if you need me.

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