Update – LMS Review Progress (To Blackboard or Not To Blackboard)

Update on what we’re doing with the LMS Review process at Tri-C. There’s been quite a bit of work! – Sasha

Online Learning and Academic Technology (formerly Office of eLearning & Innovation)

Blackboard LogoAs you all know, we’re currently engaged in an LMS Review (that’s for “Learning Management System” Review).  It’s concerning our academic LMS – for faculty and students.

Notes from our September 5th Taskforce meeting are now available here:  http://elearningandinnovation.com/lms-review/lms-process-and-documents/.

Want the video review of the process?  Check out the video of progress to date that was shown at the Conference Days at each campus below.  This will open in a new window.

Video link for LMS Review update video

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