The online paradox at community colleges – The Hechinger Report

Highlights of an interesting article.  I think that some of the conclusions drawn are not fully substantiated, so I’d be cautious about those, but it also summarizes some interesting data.
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    • Two weeks ago I wrote about the overwhelming research evidence that community college students aren’t doing as well in online classes as they are in face-to-face traditional classes. Students are failing in higher numbers and getting lower grades. That remains true, but it isn’t the whole story.

    • Community college students who take online courses are more likely  — 25 percent more likely to be exact  — to complete their two-year associate’s degree or some sort of certificate than students who didn’t take any online classes.

    • Not only are online course takers more likely to graduate, they’re more likely to graduate sooner than students who don’t take any online classes, Shea also found

    • ohnson found that only 60 percent of California community students passed an online class (40 percent failed), while 70 percent of students passed a face-to-face class (30 percent failed). Yet the students who took at least some of their classes online were more likely to transfer to a four-year college or earn their associate’s degree. “The long-term outcomes are better for students who take online classes,” Johnson confirmed.

    • A student who’s waiting for a traditional class to open up can wait for a long time. “The longer you’re there without reaching completion, the more likely you’re not going to end up finishing,” explained Johnson. “If you’re really motivated and intent on getting out in a timely manner, online classes are almost essential.”

    • Johnson says the solution is to make the online courses better and more effective. But computerized instruction is still in its infancy, so that dream may be a long way off.

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