Reflections on Week 4: Guide to Everything eLearning

Hi All!  Happy Sunday!  I’m thrilled to be reading your reflections in the course site.  I’m encouraged that there are elements from within the course that you have been able to apply professionally, which is a big part of why we’re doing this together:)  I wanted to share a couple of my reflections just as you have been sharing.  I was going to do a YouTube video, but it’s 10 PM on a Sunday night.  So I wasn’t exactly “ready for my close-up!”

Every time I teach, I learn.  Things I will be transforming include 1) clarifications on the gatekeeper aspect of the ID quiz, or maybe scrapping it and putting a WDYGOOI in instead; clarifying rubrics further (this is a never-ending endeavor, never feel that a rubric is “set”); change the column headers for the WDYGOOI notes – they seem to be overlapping; and accessibility updates (check HERE for more information about accessibility from some recent consent decrees – the standard is not reasonable accommodations online.  There is a proactive requirement to create online courses as fully accessible from the beginning forward.)

Things I am impressed by:

  • Resource sharing – some great resources have been found and shared.
  • Feedback loops – thanks!  +10 to anyone who can figure out the best way to configure the WDYGOOI notes!  Deadline 7/6/15 11 PM  Competition winner decided by me:)
  • Perseverance – this is new content and new technology to many of you.  And you are creating amazing work.  I am #sothrilled to be here with you all!

Remember to read your feedback.  Because I read your WDYGOOI notes and comment:)  (Go to the gradebook and look at the feedback even though no points are attached.)  And, because apparently we’re doing this now, here’s a picture to encourage you:


Over and out, Sasha.


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