Rapid Fire Feedback from #WCET15 on eLiterate

Many thanks to Phil Hill and Michael Feldstein for the opportunity to blog on e-Literate.  “Rapid Fire Feedback from #WCET15” here:  http://mfeldstein.com/rapid-fire-feedback-from-wcet15/.

Quote from article here:

This human digital experience is indeed “sometime in the future” for many colleges and universities. Meanwhile, innovative institutions are evolving their very DNA, creating agile processes that support turning on a dime. Size, funding, and stature no longer guarantee success for institutions. In an increasingly unbundled world of learning, the student has a level of choice like never before. They will vote with their mouses, with their tablets and thumbs.

Check it out and comment if you get the chance.  Thoughts?

Best! Sasha

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