The Dissertation Blues

So writing a dissertation is a lonely process.  I’m sure there are folks out there who are thrilled and excited for the entire duration of their research and writing.  There are also folks who tell me that the first three months of a new baby were magical and a stream of unending cute Pampers commercials.

I am not one of those people.

My new challenge lately has been staying awake.  Every time I sat down to write or edit I became inexplicably and profoundly tired to the point where I was working in 15 minute increments, getting up and walking around, doing anything to maintain mental focus.  It’s not exactly a thrilling endorsement when one’s own writing makes you want to fall asleep.

Still, it’s not like dissertations are stand up comedy, or even a clever dramedy.  They’re more like a dark comedy.  Only in this case, without the wry situational humor.  Or great production values.  Or attractive characters.  Or – you know – plot.

But still, there’s a bit of drama in that you MUST get it done.  And you MUST get it done right.  And in the face of this important pressure I apparently get really, really tired.

But today – it broke!  Today I stayed awake!  Today I finished a draft of Chapter 3!

I think it may have been guilt-inspired.  My husband is doing all the real work while I’m here in the thrill of a new job at a new university where I’m geeked out on the work and the people and the place.

All that I have to do is write.

Let’s do this.  Chapters 1 & 2 in revision.

#IncrementalProgress #TheLittleEngineThatCould #IThinkICan #LeanIn #HashtagsUnite #IMadeThatOneUp



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