For Kent State Students in “The Guide to Everything eLearning for the Higher Education Administrator”

Hi All – (Please note this is blog-voice, not a professional publication “author” voice:)

I popped this into the Twitter feed, but wanted to make sure that everyone saw it.  You don’t get “graded” per say.  In terms of feedback, I will be providing some suggestions, comments, etc., and then awarding achievement points towards your ePortfolio project.  Each week as you submit additions through your other work product you will build points.

Whatever you do, do not think of this as a grade.

It is not a grade.

What it is is a point representation of the skills you’re building throughout the course.  In other words, no one has an A.  No one has anything.  You’re building points.

So I wanted to make sure that was 100% communicated.  Particularly as I’m that Type-A stressy student who is always like “What does 72 out of 75 on this essay mean for my overall grade.”  You skills are not evaluated that way.  You have infinite opportunities for success.  Right up until that final week, because KSU would likely frown on me not turning in grades.  They need letters.  Apparently it’s a “thing” in education.

So, I hope that clarifies how we’re doing things.

ALSO, several of you are using WordPress for your ePortfolios.  If you’re interested in participating in a synchronous (same time, real time) session, I can set up a webinar and we can do a Q & A.  If you want to do this, let me know and we’ll schedule for either an evening or a weekend:)  If you can’t do those times, I can send more specific resources OR I can try to pretend I get a break at work and do it during “lunch”.  LOL.  Dinner is currently a bag of goldfish.  I’m not recommending this lifestyle, just to be clear.

So, over and out.  Email if you have questions.  I try to be responsive.  Because, you know, it’s my job.  Think of me as your Sherpa.  Only without the snow.  And the life-and-death danger of trying to summit Everest.  So maybe more like a different kind of guide, but you get the point.


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