History of Distance Learning Updates

Hi All!  The +10 eLearn Power Points are for finding inaccuracies in the History of DL lesson.  Email me if you find any.  Someone already found one that I didn’t know about (and got VERY specific, so that just goes to show you – don’t ask educators to find inaccuracies!)  I jest.  But seriously I was thinking about a stat that was in one of the infographics that’s not consistent with what the actual stats are today.  Find it (or other inaccuracies), and email me for your +10.

Pretty random, I know, but I found it and used the resource anyways because I liked it, so I thought it might be an interesting exercise.

In OTHER news –

1) You don’t have to cite additional sources for the History of DL Multimedia presentation.  I tried to provide a pretty broad overview, which is really all you need to bring the context of where it came from into current discussions.  I actually have a colleague who thinks that online learning is well-established and not a relatively new phenomenon.  I laugh at him – ha ha ha ha ha!  (Picture a belly laugh).  But truly, when you consider from the Socratic method forward, it’s a pretty recent blip, so there’s no surprises that everyone’s still working the kinks out on what works and doesn’t work for learning.

2) Tag lines!  So, if you’re struggling with a tag line for your blog, try Googling “educational quotes.”  You can find one you might like, or create one of your own:


Or, consider doing what I did and looking for a “Chinese proverb”.  http://www.quotationspage.com/quotes/Chinese_Proverb/

I feel like it gives me an air of wisdom and provides a certain gravitas which balances out my normally somewhat unconventional personality.  Got more questions?  Send them my way.  I’m LOVING IT!  That’s enthusiasm, not sarcasm.  Signing off – Sasha

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