7-17-14 Update to Guide Learners

Good Morning All –

You should all have received individual feedback on your progress to date this morning.  Some of them have concrete suggestions for ePortfolios or other projects.  Please review these.  You don’t have to incorporate them all – it’s your content.  However, if you don’t incorporate it, have a reason why that you can articulate.

You will be receiving a code to collect your virtual badge on credly for the competencies associated with eLearning Infrastructure and Architecture.  Again, you’re not required to collect those, but they are pretty cool, and as they’re expanding in higher ed, you’ll likely be collecting them in the future.  For those of you in Student Affairs, it’s an excellent way to recognize staff or students for achievements.  At Tri-C we have a rubric for the types of things we issue badges for (keep in mind this is still experimental).

The internal, experimental use of badges at Tri-C will use the following categories for badges:
  • Membership-based:  for being a member of something – the LMS Review Taskforce, the Volleyball team, the college newspaper, etc.
  • Competency-based:  to demonstrate your – or a student’s – ability to prove a given skill or knowledge base, i.e. basic biology, intermediate programming skills, advanced project management
  • Frequent Flier-based:  to recognize utilization of services – participating in tutoring sessions, student success workshops, campus events, etc.
  • Practicum, co-op or internship based:  to recognize “real-world” experiences to further specific job-related skills
  • Achievement-based:  for other specific, significant professional accomplishments.

Keep up the good work! – Sasha

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