Saturday Updates 7-12-14 – Hello from Charleston!

So I am literally in the car, driving to Charleston with my husband.  Actually I am in the passenger seat.  Technically my husband is driving  Couple updates below (please read, one has to do with those achievement points, and if any of you are as stressy as I am as a Type-A lady, then you’re want to know it!)

  • Open Source software – usually you have to download, install and support on your own.  Moodle has developer community that contributes code, as does Sakai.  Canvas will give you their code to host on your own, but they don’t have a user community that contributes back code into it.  MoodleRooms and Remote Learner are two types of for-profit companies that host, customize, and improve Moodle for fee, for schools.  Some colleges (like Tri-C) can’t use an internally hosted open source system because of threats due to hacking because of the open code.
  • General grading comments – WDYGOOI are required as formative assessments, but they do not have achievement points related to them.  Because of the gradebook, I’m entering them as being worth 1 point each so that you can see that I’ve read your submissions and so that you’re not nervous seeing a bunch of zeros in the gradebook!  The eLearn Guru bonus points will be added together at the end of the course to your final achievement points.  (So I will wait for all projects to be submitted before adding them to your total achievement points).  If you’re worried about anything, let me know.  If you need guidance, let me know.  I’m thrilled that so many of you shoot me a question when you need an answer.  That’s what I’m here forJ  – Sasha

Next week we’re going to look at online programs and virtual student support.  I’m using some new curation tools, so we’ll see if they’re any good!  Also, in addition to the final course survey when we conclude in a few weeks, I’m gong to be sending out a more specific survey on the design of the course so that I can get your feedback and improve it for next time.

#vacationtimetogetaway #thatswhyIloveonline

Sasha #if-it-wasn’t-for-online-classes-I’d-be-in-Kent-in-an-Advacned-Quant-class-instead-of-in-Charleston

Massively abusive use of hashtags!!!

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