Credentialing Framework and More

Lots going on in the world of digital education!

Lumina sponsors a national dialogue about credentialing:  My prediction as a result of this:  1) increasing alignment between industry credentials and higher ed credit courses, 2) increasing use of CBE, 3) increasing legitimization of an ecosystem of meaningful microcredentials and corresponding universe of interoperable digital badges, 4) higher ed institutions will respond by either (A) figuring out how to best use these methods and others for their students’ best interest, or (B) doubling down on old-school higher ed.

Four of the seven points in Edudemic’s State of Education 2015 concern digitally-leveraged education:

In related news, an oldie but a good from February 2015, where the Strategic Tech predictions from Gartner are being played out at a fascinating pace in colleges everywhere:

Want more on Competency-Based Education?  Check out this diigo list:

We heard more about gamification a year or so ago, but I predict it will increasingly intersect with CBE.  Check out gamification resources here:  Also find info on digital badges and PLA there.


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