First Week Feedback on Guide to Everything eLearning for the Higher Ed Administrator

Congratulations!  You all survived Level I!

This isn’t like Hunger Games, you can all make it to the end:)  So, some general feedback.

  1. I’m generally impressed with the first submissions of the ePortfolio shells.  Some great sites out there.  If you haven’t put in the time yet, trust me you want to put it in now.  Same goes with the eLearning Glossary.  Add to your glossary every week.  That way at the end you won’t be scrambling paraphrasing a bunch of terms that, by then, you’ll already know.  Make Bloom’s Taxonomy work for you – the first time you encounter it, look it up, paraphrase it, and add it to your glossary.
  2. All ePortfolio shells submitted as of 8 PM Sunday have initial XP assigned and feedback.  Please use Global Navigation (in Blackboard, click on your name in the upper right-hand corner.  Then click on the checkmark to see your grades for this course and your other ongoing courses in Blackboard.   Read the feedback:)
  3. Concerning the ePortfolio sites:  make your Home page (or splash page, whatever you prefer)  give a brief synopsis of the site.  Don’t overlap your About Me page with this.  The “quality, professional biography with photo” would be on an About Me page.  A couple of you did a fantastic job embedding content.  You can use (free tool) to embed your resume in your page (it’s actually what I do as well.)  Alternatively, you can take a screenshot of your resume, and use that image as an actual link to your PDF posted on Google.  When you input an image, you will want to add a brief description of the image in what is called “ALT Text.”  There is usually a field when you upload the image on whatever site you use in order to do that.  This will be important later on when you learn more about accessibility requirements for online courses.  Obviously this is posted on my ePortfolio/professional site.  You can go to the Home Page here:  Don’t use this as a template by any means, it’s just another example.  I’m constantly changing mine (and made quite a few improvements as a result of the ePortfolios that were created last year.)
  4. You are 100% ok to address me as Sasha and can address me as a colleague.  That’s how I roll.  You’re all either working professionals who are accomplished in your fields or starting what will be fantastically successful careers.  I will respect your time and energy by focusing your efforts on the elements of the field of eLearning that are most important for practicing administrators to know, and you are already returning the courtesy seven-fold with your great work to this point.

Also, if you need anything, just let me know.  Amy and I had a Google Hangout on Saturday, just covered some Q & A etc.  So that’s my job too:)


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